Welcome to the Badger Mine and Museum

Bring your family to visit Badger Mine and Museum situated in Badger Park in picturesque Shullsburg located at the center of SW Wisconsin's lead mining region and experience first hand the daily routine of an 1850's lead miner. The Badger Mine is the only primitive lead mine open for public viewing in the U.S. During the guided tour, view the tools he used to extract his lead treasure from the earth and learn about his life in this early mining town before Wisconsin achieved statehood. Next, as you follow your guide down the steps into this unique hand dug 19th century mine, take into your nostrils the smells this 1850's miner smelled, feel upon your skin the increasing dampness he felt and hear the enclosing silence punctuated by dripping water that he listened to as he left behind both sun and sky. The ceiling was raised in 1965 when the mine was reopened but you can still marvel at the original, small side tunnels and wonder how men could work in such confined spaces.

While parents are enjoying a guided tour chronicling early life in SW Wisconsin on the museum ground level, in a separate experience geared for younger minds, on Saturday and Sunday children can learn about lead mining history and early Wisconsin life through hands on experiences and educational games. We promise a fun filled learning experience for all ages.

The museum is open Memorial Day to Labor Day, Wednesday - Sunday 11:30am - 4:00pm plus 4th of July. For more information click on Visitor Info.