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“BURIED ALIVE” is the 2017 Season Theme. MORGAN Family Reunion Shullsburg Day July 1

“It was a cool morning in 1894 when Katie Coleman, our Irish neighbor, came to borrow “a brewin’ o’tay.”She watched Father reach for his blue denim smock on the hook near the stove and button it snugly around his bulging bosom, to keep the dynamite sticks from jarring. “Faith and beforra,” she snorted, “One of these foin days with all thim hot sticks on your chist, we’ll be pickin’ the likes o’ ye up in a basket.” Father only smiled indulgently.” Story as told by Nina Van Hecker Nina’s father did return home that night. But over the years, thousands of other miners around the globe did not. Badger Mine and Museum’s 2017 summer theme, “BURIED ALIVE”, will share some of their stories. Badger Mine and Museum is pleased to host Morgan Reunion members during a Shullsburg Day on July 1.