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Mine History

Formerly an empty field and hillside pockmarked by “sucker” and “badger” holes, Badger Park construction began in the 1930’s funded by Works Progress Administration (WPA). An early and significant supporter was then mayor, Dr. H.F. Hoesley, whose dream it was to build a city park. Generous contributions were made by both the City of Shullsburg and local donors to complete the project.

Milwaukee’s nationally-renowned landscape architect, Lionel Phelps, drew the plans and supervised the park’s construction. The rugged ground and many holes were leveled. A classic “Phelps” design element remaining today is a perfect amphitheater created from a natural contour of the land with rock ledges forming seats.

A swimming pool, rock bath house, two rock shelter houses, the baseball and football field, tennis courts and picnic areas were constructed. Modern lighting and bleachers made possible by private donations were added more recently. In the summer of 2014, more beautiful playground equipment was donated by a family with local ties. Badger Park continues to be Shullsburg’s pride and joy.

It is said there are more than five miles of mining tunnels running under the city of Shullsburg allowing the visitor to travel in Shullsburg by walking over, flying over or walking under it.

How Badger Park appeared in 1913.