Thomas Oats

Their Story

Estimated birth year:1843
Marital Status:N
Real Estate Value:0
Value of Personal Estate:0
Family Number:156
House Number:156
Household Members:
 Thomas Oats   41
 Fanny Oats   41
 Henry Oats   31
 Jane Oats   26
 William H Oats   12
 Thomas Oats   7
 Joseph Oats   5
 Susanna Oats   5
 Elisabeth Oats   3

Justitia Lodge, No. 12 I.O.O.F. Was instituted by John G. Potts of Galena, January 1, 1847 under a dispensation granted by the Grand Lodge of the United States, and chartered March 1, 1848 with the following members: Jeffrey T. Halsey, William G. Hovey, Robert Robinson, William H. Howard, A.P. Ladd and Augustus Rien. Meetings were convened regularly and the number of members increased with each year. The lodge room which was originally of limited dimensions and primitive appointments, gave way to handsome quarters, in time, which have served to accommodate fraternal meetings, sociables and entertainments peculiar to the order and amenities of life. At present, the lodge numbers 107, members and meetings are held in Blakely's Hall. The officers now in service are Richard Bunt, Jr., N.G., R.M. Trestrail, V.G.; Joseph C. Oates and Thomas H. Oates, Secretaries: Richard Ivey, Treasurer. The value of the lodge property is quoted as $3,000. (History of Lafayette County 1881, pages 581 and 582.)

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