Alfred Quinche

Their Story

Estimated birth year:1824
Marital Status:N
Real Estate Value:125
Value of Personal Estate:0
Family Number:187
House Number:187
Household Members:
 Augustus Estey   39
 Francis Fournie   36
 Juliea Estey   33
 Alfred Quinche   26
 Sarah Alderson   21
 Ellen Cummings   14
 Augustus Estey   6
 Julia Estey   3
 Eugene J Estey   0

Alfred Quinche farmer Section 36 Shullsburg was born Dec 21 1824 near St. Anthony , Minn. He came to Shullsburg in 1847 and worked at Augustus Estey Smelting Works until 1864. He was then admitted as a partner in this business and continued this for 4 years. He then dissolved the partnership. He continued smelting till 1875 and then bought 200 acres of farming land. He married Sarah Alderson of Yorkshire England in 1851. They had 6 children: Edward, Louisa, Virginia, Cora, Julia and Caroline who passed away at age 21.

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