John Ryan

Their Story

Estimated birth year:1815
Marital Status:Y
Real Estate Value:400
Value of Personal Estate:0
Family Number:201
House Number:201
Household Members:
 James Butler   53
 John Ryan   35
 Catharine Ryan   35
 James Ryan   32
 Dennis Sullivan   26
 Patrick Fitzgerald   24
 Catharine Corbat   24
 James Butler   23
 Catharine Ryan   11
 Joanna Ryan   9
 Patrick Ryan   7
 Thomas Ryan   5

The years between 1830 and 1840 were noted for the great influx of settlers into the future town of Shullsburg. Among the number were John K. Williams, Zebediah Gates, the McNulty family, Solomon, William, and Edwin Osborne, Alexander Mock, Thomas, Hoskins, J.H. Knowlton, John Ryan, the Meloy family, James McFerrin, W. H. Howard, A.A. Overton, W.P. Boyce, Charles and Harry Brockway, John Cottle, John Hill, Joseph Pulis, DennisTynan, Charles Pole, Andrew, John and David Roberts, John Hardy Col. Scales, the Ladd Family, Mr. Quinch, Mr. Copeland, Mr. Stephens, Mr. McQuadey, S. Recor, and many others who have crossed the river of death or departed for unknown climes.

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