Joseph Copeland

Their Story

Estimated birth year:1835
Marital Status:N
Real Estate Value:0
Value of Personal Estate:0
Family Number:263
House Number:263
Household Members:
 John Copeland   61
 Rachel Copeland   55
 Ann Copeland   22
 Joseph Copeland   15

Joseph Copeland was born in Ireland and emigrated to the United States with his parents in 1848 Lafayette Co. Wi. He went to California in search of gold in 1862. After 2 years in California he drove stakes in a mining camp named Humboldt Basin in Baker Co. Oregon. His mining ventures were quite profitable and he ventured back and forth between Oregon and Shullsburg for about ten years. In 1878 he purchased 582 acres of land just south of Shullsburg and started a cattle stock farm. He married Jane Richards in Shullsburg on Sept 18, 1873. Their 3 children were Louis, Albert and Josephine. Mr. Copeland belonged to no religious sect, but believed all religions were deadly foes of progress and science ( from 1881 History of Lafayette Co.) The Copeland Opera House on Water Street in Shullsburg bears his name as well as the historic brick Copeland House built in 1878. Mr. Copeland shipped his cattle throughout the Midwest on the Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul railroad that he was instrumental in bringing to Shullsburg. Because his cattle had to cross town to get to the Shullsburg's station located on the Northeast side, citizens of Shullsburg had to erect fences around their property to keep his cattle off their lawns.

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