Charles Honeycombs

Their Story

Estimated birth year:1818
Marital Status:Y
Real Estate Value:0
Value of Personal Estate:260
Family Number:133
House Number:134
Household Members:
 Margaret Honeycombs   43
 Charles Honeycombs   42
 William Honeycombs   16
 Sarah Jane Honeycombs   10

C. Honeycomb, firm of C. Honeycomb & Son , undertakers and dealers in furniture, jewelry and sewing machines. He was born Oct 19, 1818 in Cornwall England. In 1847 came to New York working as a carpenter. In 1854 he came to Shullsburg and continued the carpentry trade and painting till about 1875 and the started his present business. He married Margaret A. Austin in 1842 and they had 5 children. Their son, William J. served in The Civil War and participated in battles at Atlanta, Savannah, Averysboro, N. C. and others.

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