Zebediah Gates

Their Story

Estimated birth year:1807
Birthplace:New York
Marital Status:Y
Real Estate Value:0
Value of Personal Estate:0
Family Number:14
House Number:14
Household Members:
 Zebediah Gates   43
 Azel P Ladd   38
 Louisa M Ladd   30
 James Dowling   23
 William W Spalding   17
 Helena Ryan   17
 Andrew R Ladd   3
 Frank W Ladd   2

Zebidiah Gates was born in 1807 in New York. He helped lay out the streets of Shullsburg in the 1840's and boarded with the Dr. Azel Ladd Household. Once Dr. Ladd passed away from the Cholera Epidemic of 1854 that occurred at the Berry Tavern, Mr. Gates bought the Dr. Ladd's half completed Limestone block house and 80 acre property. Mr. gates who was a carpenter finished the half completed house in wood. This home is currently located on the Rennick Road just South of Shullsburg and was restored by The Lead Region Trust in the year 2000. Mr. Gates also built a boarding home in downtown Shullsburg.

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